Being: Mike Tyson HD Blu-Ray
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Being: Mike Tyson HD Blu-Ray. Captured in an intimate and immersive fashion, Being Mike Tyson offers viewers a cinematic and private look at the former heavyweight champ.  Unlike any portrait that has ever before been captured, Being Mike Tyson is not a look back, but instead, a look inward.

Whether visiting the prison in Indianapolis where he served 3 years for rape, spending time with his one-time rival Evander Holyfield, meeting with Muhammad Ali, visiting his old neighborhood in Brooklyn or the Catskills or simply spending time with his 6 children, we see first hand what Mike encounters and his very personal emotions as he goes through this personal journey.

Blu-Ray Set Includes: Full Season, 6 episodes.

Duration: 186 minutes total

Quality: Please check the screenshot for actual quality. (Please allow a moment for it to fully load.)

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Being: Mike Tyson HD Blu-Ray

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